Brandy: A Global HistoryBRANDY: A GLOBAL HISTORY

by Becky Sue Epstein
Cognac – an illustrious and elegant amber brandy – is currently one of the most fashionable components of high-end mixed drinks in the world’s hottest bars.

An aromatic spirit made from distilled wine and produced around the globe, brandy has long been associated with refined taste and sophisticated consumption.

Many cultures have played a part in the history of the beverage, from the Dutch who made brandewijn [burnt wine] to the Spanish colonials in Peru and California who produced the first brandies in the New World.

This compact, lavishly illustrated book takes readers on a journey from the alchemists of the Middle Ages to present-day mixology hotspots, chronicling the history of the drink and the beautiful locations in which it is produced.

For those inclined to imbibe, the book offers advice on buying, storing and serving brandy, and features classic and new cocktail recipes for both connoisseurs and first-time drinkers to enjoy.

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