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Vodka Smackdown: Purity vs. Grey Goose

Intrigued by Purity Vodka’s great cocktail recipes and pureness claims I asked for one of their taste-test kits. It arrived this week, beautifully wrapped. When I enlisted my husband to set up the blind taste test, he asked me to leave the room so I wouldn’t be able to peek. We used our own tasting […]

A new taste for the trade: Take note of American Harvest Organic Vodka

This is a well thought-out presentation. The vodka is made from northern US wheat, and it has great elements: organic and sustainable agriculture, wind power and recyclable glass coated with organic inks and water-soluble varnishes. The colors are pale washes of red, white & blue. This is a big launch: branded bar tools from shaker […]

Funny Purple Top on this Prevu sparkler

Not being the disco type, I was a little skeptical about the bottle of Prevu, when it arrived with a round, lavender top. I wanted to try it because I’m researching a BRANDY BOOK. And this sparkler is from Cognac, made with organic vodka, cognac, liqueurs of raspberry and black currant and blackberry — with […]

Exclusiv name, not price, for this vodka

I’ve had some of the the Exclusiv Vodcas for some time now, and I’m glad I waited and sampled them over the course of several weeks, in different ways. Exclusiv is a wheat vodka made in Moldova, a tiny country tucked between Romania and Ukraine. First, I want to mention that the bottles’ design is […]

Wild Tea in a Tiny Glass

I’m trying to remember the story of these little glasses. They came from the apartment of my friend’s mother. It was a pre-war co-op on Central Park West, always decorated in the earthtones she loved, mid-century modern with a 1960s artistic overlay. When the décor was new, I picture these glasses stowed in the freezer […]

Double Cross Vodka and Chef Michael Schlow at Via Matta, Boston

Asked to create a pairing menu for the new ultra-premium Double Cross Vodka, Michael Schlow spent a lot of time thinking – and drinking, he says – and came up with a series of flavors that worked in different ways in different courses. The vodka is light and on the pleasantly neutral side with hints […]