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What to Serve this Summer — with Fortified Wines

With all the excellent Sherries and Ports at the BFT (Big Fortified Tasting) in London this week, it’s all the more surprising that people were talking about the Madeiras and Marsalas we sampled there. These wines were about as far away from anything you grew up with as you can imagine. Comparing today’s Marsala and […]

Wineries in Jerez, land of sherries, getting much friendlier

Just back from a week in one of my favorite places, Jerez, Spain. Home of fabulous Finos, mouthwatering Manzanillas, excellent PXs – you get the idea. [ For more on my trip go to] And listen HERE on iwineradio Bodegas (wineries) in Jerez have become very tourist-friendly lately. Weddings and other events are held […]

Sherry with New England Clam Chowder this week at MOOO

I’m intrigued at the brininess of excellent Manzanilla – perfect with seafood. Why don’t we have sherry with our oysters + chowders more? Maybe we will if the Secret Sherry Society expands. I also love the fact that Oloroso and Amontillado are not abstract names from literature but real sherries you can drink. Sherry […]