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Dangerous wine reivews

It’s always dangerous when someone contacts you out of the blue and asks you to review their wine. It’s great if you love it, but what if you don’t? Is it better to say nothing, or to give them your opinion? Always a quandary… Recently, I was sent some wines by Gallegos, a new winery […]

3 Robust American Sauvignon Blancs

The other night while having people over for drinks, we opened three very good sauvignon blanc wines made in USA. Two from California, and one from Massachusetts (yes, MA!). We like them all. The wines were all somewhat different, and quite vigorous in nature – though one was much older than we realized at first. […]

Six Chilean Sauvignon Blancs

We’ve been buying good, moderately priced Sauvignon Blancs from Chile for the past few years, so I was happy to try half a dozen more from all over the country, when I got the chance. All six are vintage 2008, which means they’ve been on the market for several months. They’ve lost that ultra-new quality […]

Firestone reminds me of my first ever…

…Santa Barbara County Sauvignon Blanc — tasted 20 years ago and never forgotten – with its heady aromas of sweet grass meadows and herbs, its balanced body and crispness. I’ve sipped it for the past few evenings with simple and complex salads, and it holds up beautifully paired with a variety of flavors. Super-easy too, […]