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Champagnes of Barons de Rothschild arrive lightly in Boston

Have to admit I have been curious about the new Barons de Rothschild Champagnes for the last few months. They’re being rolled out like a (slow-motion) feature film release: first in 2 locations in NY and LA, and now into secondary markets. Don’t you hate to be called that? But that’s what we are, here […]

Rothschild (Lafite) in Corbieres: Blason d’Aussieres

Curious about what’s going on the Languedoc, I had a chance to try both the 2006 and 2005 Blason d’Aussieres this week.  I almost wish I hadn’t had the two togeher, because they are both very good wines but one always has to suffer by comparison – and it shouldn’t. The 2006 entranced us with […]