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Do you want Rose Vodka or Rosé Vodka?

Ever since my friend Beni made me some vodka flavored with rose petals from her flower garden, I’ve been a big fan of rose vodka. Shakers used to make a great one; haven’t seen it for a while though. So I was interested when I recently ran into Paul Kozub who produces V-One, a wonderfully […]

Champagnes of Barons de Rothschild arrive lightly in Boston

Have to admit I have been curious about the new Barons de Rothschild Champagnes for the last few months. They’re being rolled out like a (slow-motion) feature film release: first in 2 locations in NY and LA, and now into secondary markets. Don’t you hate to be called that? But that’s what we are, here […]

Malbec Rosés with Carlos’ Empanadas

On a cold winter night in New England, we warmed up at the historic home of Argentine natives Vera and Carlos, with Carlos’ empanadas accompanied by Malbec Rosés. Carlos made low fat empanadas, which some people (son Marcel) quibbled with – though the rest of us were pleased, given the amount of holiday cookies we’d […]

Provence with a dynamic blonde – and wine, of course

Just caught up with Chateau Roubine’s Valerie Rousselle today at the “Provence in the City” aka Rosé wines tasting in Boston. In addition to her “new name” (as she describes her divorce) she has several new wines and a charmingly renovated, rentable house on the property, “in the midst of the vines,” she says. And […]