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Dry Riesling for Dinner: Experiences with Dr. Loosen’s New Wines

Though most people say they like dry wine, until now we haven’t been able to find that many good German dry Rieslings. This week I tried several, from famed Dr. Loosen. (They still make the traditional Rieslings too, don’t worry.) One evening, Luiz Alberto (@TheWineHub) came over and tasted with me. I found that all […]

Black Box Wines: More to Like? Yes and No

If you’re like me and you want great wine at a great price, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. (Though, as a positive-type person, I don’t tend to write about most of the frogs because I like to concentrate on recommendations, not warnings.) Anyway, when the Black […]

When You Don’t Want to Give up Summer Whites: Wines of Alsace for Dinner

When it has cooled off enough to go back into the kitchen, we’re thinking about cooking again. Maybe grilling sausages, roasting meats, even putting potato gratin back on the menu. But we don’t want to give up our white wines just yet…So here is the third of three suggestions about how to extend summer in […]

Wine for Chinese Take-Out

Earlier this year, I received 3 bottles of Pacific Rim Riesling. I took a clue from the Asian pictures on the labels, and immediately ordered take-out Chinese food. Which turned out to be the right thing to do. With the Asian spices of one dish and the sweetness of another, the Dry Riesling and the […]

Winetasting at 35,000 feet

I asked so many wine questions I had to come clean. When I confessed to the crew of Singapore flight 25 I was going to the Singapore Airlines wine forum, an off-duty crew member overheard and took me through an impromptu wine-tasting at 33,000 feet — or whatever the actual altitude was. It was also […]