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Dangerous wine reivews

It’s always dangerous when someone contacts you out of the blue and asks you to review their wine. It’s great if you love it, but what if you don’t? Is it better to say nothing, or to give them your opinion? Always a quandary… Recently, I was sent some wines by Gallegos, a new winery […]

3 Robust American Sauvignon Blancs

The other night while having people over for drinks, we opened three very good sauvignon blanc wines made in USA. Two from California, and one from Massachusetts (yes, MA!). We like them all. The wines were all somewhat different, and quite vigorous in nature – though one was much older than we realized at first. […]

Silver Oak Cellars Heretic Winemaker — On the 40th Anniversary tour

Longtime winemaker Daniel Baron surprised me with some of his theories, when he was in town for dinner the other day on the Silver Oak 40th Anniversary tour. (They were towing a replica of the water tower symbol of Silver Oak around the country but we never got to see it… that’s another story.) Baron […]

Hidden Ridge does vertical wine

A vertical vineyard, that’s intriguing. 55 degree slopes, it says on the label. The wines were velvety, rich and smooth. I was reminded of the day some years ago when I wound my way up to Pride Winery on the cusp of a mountain — and discovered boutique-quality wines at far less than Screaming Eagle […]

Red Truck update: it works

So, this cute min-barrel of red wine sits on your kitchen counter day after day, patiently waiting for you to try it –again. You’ve already sampled it several nights in a row, and found it “quaffable” as they say.  But it’s allegedly good for 40 days, so you wait and you wait.  Day 35 you […]

Three Great Getaway Destinations

Three Getaway Destinations – to do absolutely nothing for a while. If, like me, you want some time off, without even having to run to a spa appointment. CAPE GRACE HOTEL, Cape Town, South Africa You’re in a quiet, luxe-comfortable room with views of Cape Town harbor. The spa is upstairs. But downstairs is Bascule, […]