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Apple Pie and Roast Beef: American Moonshine Dinner

Isn’t Moonshine the ultimate American Drink for the Holidays? After all, it’s made with American corn, and it was always the drink of independent individuals, not part of government or industry. Apparently, as a teenager delivering the family’s moonshine, Junior Johnson learned “evasion” and other driving skills that eventually propelled him to NASCAR fame. Later […]

Have a Cocktail after this Film. Make that two…

It’s a circus – cirque du soleil style. With sideshow of gastronomy. The film Hey, Bartender is a crash course in American culture – behind the bar. It entices you in by following the real-life ups and downs of bartenders, bar owners and managers. The people behind the bar are maniacally serious, they are a […]

Benefit from DaleDeGroff’s show: mixology with song, story and DRINKS!

Anyone who enjoys cocktails, mixology or great bars should be required to go to Dale’s show. It’s all the Ameican (spirits) history you need to know, without the books — and with the personal stories. Benefiting the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans.

Easier Cocktail-Making? Not Really

Having recently tried 3 gadgets that are supposed to make drinking – or at least creating drinks – easier, I have to report they didn’t really work. One was amusing: the Brookstone Cocktail Master. With two buttons held down, it shoots out the cocktail into your glass, and of course that’s fun. Though the electric […]

Unlocking Galliano

When I was young, I eyed the long, tall, yellow Galliano liqueur bottle with suspicion, when I saw it on people’s home bars. Rather than a mark of sophistication, I looked at it as a demonstration of ego. Which it probably was, for most of those guys. Anyhow, I was too young to drink it, […]