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Dirty-Pink Cocktail

Dirty-Pink Cocktail: Bitter Truth Pink Gin with a maraschino cherry and a bit of the cherry liquid, over ice. Fill the glass with Schweppes Diet Tonic, stir lightly and serve.

Unlocking Galliano

When I was young, I eyed the long, tall, yellow Galliano liqueur bottle with suspicion, when I saw it on people’s home bars. Rather than a mark of sophistication, I looked at it as a demonstration of ego. Which it probably was, for most of those guys. Anyhow, I was too young to drink it, […]

Delicate Bols Genever Cocktails at Drink

Genever was the original spirit used as a cocktail mixer, starting with the first golden age of the cocktail in the mid-1800s.  Several grains are malted like whiskey, then triple distilled.  Clear and very mild, like a vodka but with traces of fine botanicals. Learned all about this at Drink in Boston the other day, […]