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My new Champagne discovery – only 70 years old: J. Lassalle

I don’t know how boutique importer Kermit Lynch found them, because he’s known as a Burgundy specialist but Champagne isn’t too far away. Lynch is branching out, and I did sample some other very good wines he brings in, but at the end of the day this is what stood out freshly in my memory. […]

How does a Champagne House change their most-popular champagne? Very carefully.

The other day I learned that Moët & Chandon’s most popular champagne has been slowly altered over the last few years. The champagne is called “Imperial” and it’s found everywhere, in wine shops as well as in restaurants. It’s very good. A few years ago, Imperial replaced Moët’s ubiquitous “White Star” champagne. White Star was […]

The 2004

How much money should I spend on champagne? Is more expensive champagne, like vintage champagne, always better? These are two questions I get a lot. In general, price does go up with quality – within certain tiers. I don’t think you can get a good French champagne for under $40 – and there’s a tier […]

Champagnes of Barons de Rothschild arrive lightly in Boston

Have to admit I have been curious about the new Barons de Rothschild Champagnes for the last few months. They’re being rolled out like a (slow-motion) feature film release: first in 2 locations in NY and LA, and now into secondary markets. Don’t you hate to be called that? But that’s what we are, here […]

Champagne Grand Tasting: Old Friends and New Discoveries

In London they have a Champagne Grand Tasting every year. Why is this the first time it’s come to the US? This year the New York Champagne Grand Tasting was held in a beautifully decorated, small ballroom at New York’s Plaza Hotel. Here’s a snapshot of some of the finest champagnes I sampled: Alfred Gratien […]

A morning with Gruppo Campari’s Enrico Serafino wines, and more, in northern Italy

On the appointed day in mid-November, no one was more surprised than I was, to find myself exactly in the right place at the right time: in the medieval hamlet of Canale, north of Asti, where Enrico Serafino’s offices are. (Hooray for Verizon GPS – it even works in Piedmont!) My tasting there ranged from […]