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Becky Sue Epstein – Brandy: A Global History (Reaktion Books) $18 While whiskey, vodka and gin all enjoy great popularity and media coverage, brandy, one of our more venerable spirits, can get forgotten in all the fuss. That's a shame, because it is a ... [...]
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Becky Sue Epstein’s “Brandy: A Global History” (Reaktion Books, $19.95), is part of a series of small-format, single subject food volumes. This spirit that’s made from distilled wine has been produced and consumed from the Middle Ages, with many ... [...]
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Fruit is the overwhelming take-away with this wine, which pairs well with medium weight cheeses and grilled meats. Becky Sue Epstein is Palate Press’s International Editor. An experienced writer, editor, broadcaster, and consultant in the fields of wine ... [...]
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That’s just where it starts, though. Here are 20 things that Ludacris – and author Becky Sue Epstein – taught me about brandy. Cover of Brandy: A Global History, by Becky Sue Epstein. Photo Credit: Cathy Huyghe Find Cathy Huyghe online at cathyhuyghe ... [...]
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Serve with ice cream. Yield: 6 servings. Source: Adapted from Becky Sue Epstein's and Ed Jackson's The American Lighthouse Cookbook: The Best Recipes and Stories from America's Shorelines. [...]
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