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Wine with Flowers: Boston Flower and Garden Show

Interested to experience the wines at this event, as I arrived the first thing I noticed was the heady scent of…cedar mulch. And the chirping of crickets. And the bright blooms of tulips and azaleas: I was at the Boston Flower and Garden Show. Having left my house in mid-March today with four-foot snowdrifts still […]

Craft Spirits update from Tales of the Cocktail

After a couple days (and nights) of seminars, tastings and parties at New Orleans’ annual Tales of the Cocktail Conference, one can lose all sense of time. And after a few minutes in the Craft Spirits Tasting Room, one can lose one’s sense of direction too. So it’s somewhat amazing I managed to find my […]

How to use Your Holiday Gift Card: Two Great Accessories for Wine Travel

If you’re taking a special bottle of wine to an event this year, you might want to invest in a VinniBag to carry it in your luggage. It’s inflatable and Made in USA! With this accessory in my wheeled bag, I successfully toted wine on and off Amtrak and around New York City for the […]

Travel Wars: Delsey Aero Hardcase neater inside and out

Stepping out of the car at the airport, I winced as the driving sleet hit my face. Even under the overhang, the winds were whipping up the tail end of the February blizzard. My suitcase landed in an inch of slush before I could re-group and muscle it onto the sidewalk. Strangely, I felt invincible. […]

Benefit from DaleDeGroff’s show: mixology with song, story and DRINKS!

Anyone who enjoys cocktails, mixology or great bars should be required to go to Dale’s show. It’s all the Ameican (spirits) history you need to know, without the books — and with the personal stories. Benefiting the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans.

Live Well, Die Quickly: Olive Oil and Capers in Pantelleria

Live well, then die: isn’t that what we all really want? Whenever I hear boasts that the latest nutrition study will show me how to live longer, I think they’re missing the point. It’s not that I want to eke out my existence to 120. What I really want is a completely healthy life, and […]