In between trips, tastings and events, Epstein writes books. Her award-winning cookbook The American Lighthouse Cookbook (Sourcebooks/Cumberland, co-written with Chef Ed Jackson) came out last year. Her second book is an entirely new update of the classic kitchen reference Substituting Ingredients (Sourcebooks) is a classic, both as print and ebook. In addition, she contributes to’s ebook collections.

Her wine book is Champagne: A Global History (Reaktion) which includes sparkling wines from around the world — now available in hardcover and ebook.

In Brandy: A Global History (Reaktion) Epstein delves into the history of the spirit and offers advice on buying, storing, and serving brandy, while also providing recipes for both classic and new cocktails.

And with cooking contests reaching a new level of popularity everywhere, Epstein and a friend recently helped organize one for their hometown. Then they wrote the “How-To” book so everyone can do it: How To Create a Blue Ribbon Culinary Contest for the 21st Century: Lessons Learned from Lexington’s 300th Anniversary Celebration (by Epstein & Burwell, Provisions Press, 2013).