Video: Champagne Buying Guide

Becky Sue Epstein, Champagne and Sparkling Wine Expert, explains pinot noir (red grapes) and chardonnay (white grapes), how to decide what to serve (the champagne should be sweeter than the dessert), and reasonable prices to spend for a festive toast, gift giving, or to enjoy on your own.


You can drink smarter by drinking better, cheaper, healthier, funner (probably not faster, though).

My latest DrinkSMART award goes to Tim Laird, for his simple cocktail bases that an ordinary human can make at home.

Tim Laird, America’s C.E.O., makes holiday cocktails

DuBoeuf Beaujolais Nouveau: fleeting glory but fun with a wine gadget

After tasting the DuBoeuf Beaujolais Nouveau earlier and enjoying the light fruitiness of the wine, I was surprised to return to the covered glass a few hours later and find the flavors had all but disappeared.

But I did not despair.  I got out a wine gadget: the Vinturi Wine Aerator — the little one that makes the fun slurping noise.  In seconds I was sipping a more rounded, more developed wine, a glass of flavor that lasted me throughout the meal.

Maybe I’ll try some more pairings tonight: more Nouveaux with different gadgets…