Chronic Cellars Labels…I Mean Wines

Of course the main reason I wanted to try these Chronic Cellars wines is their labels. (See what I mean?)
Oh, and I wanted to see what was going on in Paso Robles, wine-wise…yeah, sure, that’s right.
Well, we had a good time sampling the wines, and I can’t say they’re spectacular, but they’re fun. I passed the remainders on to my neighbor Steve, and he and his girlfriend ended up ordering in and having an impromptu Date Night on a weekday.
We all thought the wines went better with food than without. Especially the “Dead Nuts” zinfandel-based red blend, which was the most well structured and well-made of the three. “Sofa King” (syrah-based) was the next best (which is all I can say).
But I think” Purple Paradise” (another zin-based blend) could have its uses. It would be a good wine to have if you want to introduce someone to wine, someone that was used to juice: it’s full of raspberry aromas and flavors.
These wines range from $24 to $15 MSRP.