Drinking Tall, Blonde and American: Guinness Blonde American Lager

On their third try, Guinness brewmaster Joe Gruss says, they “got it right” and now Guinness is in production on the first in their Discovery Series: Guinness Blonde American Lager. “Blonde” because of the golden color from the Mt. Hood and their trademarked Mosaic malts. “American” because…yes, it’s produced in the US, specifically in Pennsylvania. 20140806_194218Guinness blonde 6pack
This golden amber beverage has a biscuity aroma, with light maltiness up front, some sweetness throughout, a softly bitter finish and distinctive hop flavor and a pleasant citrus tone that keeps it fresh. It pairs beautifully with buttery foods. Like the creamy, white chowder and crusted Faroe Island salmon dishes we sampled at the recent launch party at Bostonia Public House.
Why is Guinness producing this new beverage? The company is “embracing our traditions and taking off from there – we’re not bound by our traditions,” explains Ruairi Twomey, Marketing VP at Diageo Guinness USA. “We have a lot of young master brewers who want to try new things, and we want them to.” After “plenty of failures” says Twomey, they are already testing a brew (possibly involving nitro) that is intended to be second in the Discovery series. This is a series of innovative beverages they plan to produce for some time, to expand the Guinness line.
They are also initiating a single-batch Signature Series from Dublin, which will be limited production, about 80,000 bottles in strict allocation: the first will be the “1759” which is an amber ale recipe with peated whiskey malt. Both this and the Blonde American Lager will be available in the US from early October. Surprising to me, the pricing on both is slated to be the same as “regular” Guinness. Cans as well as bottles are on the horizon