How to use Your Holiday Gift Card: Two Great Accessories for Wine Travel

If you’re taking a special bottle of wine to an event this year, you might want to invest in a VinniBag to carry it in your luggage. It’s inflatable and Made in USA!
With this accessory in my wheeled bag, I successfully toted wine on and off Amtrak and around New York City for the day, before arriving at my destination. (Yes, it’s a good idea NOT to juggle wine around very much, but in my case it wasn’t a priceless Bordeaux or Burgundy.)
COST: Around $25 each.
PRO: Cradled wine bottle well and did not leak; great for a really special bottle of wine
CON: Rather large thing to fit into a suitcase

Wineskin is a re-sealable bubble-pack made of durable plastic, and it comes in several colors too. If you’re traveling to a wine region where you just might bring back a bottle or two, tuck a couple Wineskins into your suitcase before you leave. It’s a safer alternative to wrapping a bottle in your dirty laundry on the way back. And it’s smaller and lighter – more of a “just in case” option.
COST: Around $10 for a 2-pack.
PRO: Thin enough to carry with you on just about any trip, and it’s recyclable
CON: Wish it was resealable – and not made in China