Apple Pie and Roast Beef: American Moonshine Dinner

Isn’t Moonshine the ultimate American Drink for the Holidays? After all, it’s made with American corn, and it was always the drink of independent individuals, not part of government or industry.
Apparently, as a teenager delivering the family’s moonshine, Junior Johnson learned “evasion” and other driving skills that eventually propelled him to NASCAR fame. Later he went back to moonshine – legally, this time, having learned his lesson with an 11-month stint in prison. His Midnight Moon moonshines are cleverly packed in homestyle canning jars, individually numbered on the labels, some with fresh fruit added for flavoring. Strawberry and other flavors are recommended for cocktails.
But for the holidays, I tried several of Johnson’s moonshines and I think I’ve come up with the definitive food pairing: Apple Pie Midnight Moon with Roast Beef and Roasted Root Vegetables. Add a dab of horseradish sauce if you like some bite to your meal.