Have a Cocktail after this Film. Make that two…

It’s a circus – cirque du soleil style. With sideshow of gastronomy.
The film Hey, Bartender is a crash course in American culture – behind the bar. It entices you in by following the real-life ups and downs of bartenders, bar owners and managers.
The people behind the bar are maniacally serious, they are a cross between circus performers and butlers. The ultimate in service and showmanship.
With a cast of luminaries in the mixology world, this film takes you on an adventure from a local watering hole to the hottest bars in the country today. And fills in the history of the American cocktail along the way.
Take notes: in this film you’ll get a taste of just about every top bar and every top mixologist working today.
After the film, go have a cocktail and start planning your road trip.