The Most Luxurious Horchata Rum for National Rum Day

20130812_075222I don’t know whose idea it was to combine horchata with rum, but horchata flavored rum is suddenly all over the place. So naturally I’ve been tasting it.
First learned about horchata at that great little taqueria in Santa Barbara – you know the one that all the celebs go to, what’s the name? Anyhow, there horchata is a wonderfully refreshing rice-based soft drink. Sometimes, when you ask, people say it’s made with almonds.
Whatever the flavor base, I think I’ve discovered the richest one: Cruzan Velvet Cinn. It’s luxuriously cream-based, with hints of almond and cinnamon. Great over ice as a summer nightcap – at least that’s what happened in our house. You can tell yourself you’re having a soothing milk drink before bed.
You might want to get some for National Rum Day which is August 16th.