2 Italian Wine Recommendations for Summer: 1 White and 1 Red

Palagetto Vernaccia FMy new Italian white is a wine from Tuscany – though this region is better known for its red wines like Chianti and Brunello. This white is fascinating, but not expensive, retailing for in the neighborhood of $15. It’s made with the vernaccia grape, specifically Vernaccia di San Gimignano, named for the Tuscan town where it originated. Though some people might call it a rustic wine, it’s charmingly rustic when made by Il Palagetto: not a sweet wine, but honey underlies its aromas, flavors and finish – balanced by minerality.
A red I would recommend for summer is the 2011 Pergola Rosso (around $13) from Angelini. It’s a light red, almost a hearty rosé, from the Italian region of Le Marche. Angelini is the only grower of this relatively rare Italian indigenous grape in Le Marche. The wine is medium clear red with pale edges, yet it has a thick mouthfeel. cropped pergolarosso- originalIt starts out sweetly floral but it’s not a fruity wine, and contains a bit of spice and some light natural tannins to counteract its initial sweet impression. The winery advises trying with pork or BBQ in the US; in Le Marche it goes with dishes containing their preferred flavors: fennel, rosemary and garlic.