After a long day in Kakheti wine country…in Georgia? Which Georgia?

In the gathering dusk, our car gathers speed as we crest the hill at the edge of the village, passing a white dog waiting by a house built right at the edge of the road. He looks at us, realizes we’re not his family returning home, and ambles away. The sun has just set, and in the twilight we blow by snapshots of summer evening scenes. A mother striding down a lane toward her car, head turned back to make sure her small son is following. Teen-aged girls clustered on a front step: a burst of laughter flows into our open car windows. Later, heat lightning from the other side of the hills startles us time after time – but no rain falls.
After a day in the wine country we are on our way back to the city: to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia in the former Soviet Union. In the Kakheti region, we’ve walked through a Medieval wine school, we’ve toured a monastery where wine is made today, we’ve tasted wines in kvevris (buried amphoras native to Georgia) and we’ve listened to the music from a village festival while sampling wines with our freshly-prepared supper relaxing around a table set out in the grass at a winery restaurant.
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