What to Serve this Summer — with Fortified Wines

With all the excellent Sherries and Ports at the BFT (Big Fortified Tasting) in London this week, it’s all the more surprising that people were talking about the Madeiras and Marsalas we sampled there. These wines were about as far away from anything you grew up with as you can imagine. Comparing today’s Marsala and Madeira wines to the cheap stuff you cooked with is like comparing the taste of fine, just-brewed Sumatra coffee with instant powdered coffee, stirred into warm water. I think I’ve made my point here.

Also, the number of well-made Rutherglen topaques and other fortified wines was a treat for an American; we don’t see much of those in the US at all.

Latest wine-and-food pairing: Chambers Rutherglen Muscat with gazpachao – apparently the acidity of the tomatoes does something wonderful in your mouth. Must try this at home!

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