Bushmills 1608

Sort of a cliché, but on St. Patrick’s Day while waiting for our corned beef and cabbage dinner to finish cooking, I got out the Irish whiskey. In this case, a special bottle: Bushmills 1608, created to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the original license to distill in the Bushmills area.
It’s a smooth whiskey (due in part to the “crystal malt”) that evolves in the glass. First you notice the spicy wood and sweet caramel which continue from the nose into the flavor of the tangy whiskey. A bit of water added to the glass emphasizes the aroma’s sweetness and caramel.
Drop an ice cube in, and the drink tastes smoky.
Smoothness and wood spice dominate in the finish.
This limited edition whiskey was available in the US in 2008; now you can only get it at the distillery — yet another reason to visit Ireland.

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