Wine for Chinese Take-Out

Earlier this year, I received 3 bottles of Pacific Rim Riesling. I took a clue from the Asian pictures on the labels, and immediately ordered take-out Chinese food. Which turned out to be the right thing to do. With the Asian spices of one dish and the sweetness of another, the Dry Riesling and the Riesling worked very well.
The third wine, Sweet Riesling, is really more of a dessert wine. It’s fairly uncomplicated, so try it with ripe fruit, plain cake or cookies (not chocolate).
Luckily, it took me a while to write about the wines. When I took them out again, I discovered the beautiful designs visible on the inside of the label when the bottles are empty.
Another great thing: the International Riesling Scale appears on the back of each bottle
Pacific Rim 2007 Dry Riesling, Columbia Valley ($9-$12)
Pacific Rim 2009 Riesling, Columbia Valley ($9-$14)
Pacific Rim 2009 Sweet Riesling, Columbia Valley ($8-$12)

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