the Buzz about Agwa de Bolivia

Agwa de Bolivia, Coca Leaf Liqueur
Coca-leaf liqueur from Bolivia? Of course I had to try it. The first time I heard about Agwa de Bolivia the producer seemed conflicted: they openly stated it was made with coca leaf, but they seemed to want to soft-pedal the coca/cocaine references. (Of course there is no actual cocaine in the bottle, but still…)
A few months later, that was all over. I got a promotional package with Agua de Bolivia Coca-Leaf Liqueur terrycloth wristlets – that a visiting school teacher immediately scooped up. Then there’s the bookmark-shaped promo which actually proclaims “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Nose.” The liqueur itself is a green color, reminiscent of Jagermeister – as is its digestif-like flavor. Best taken over ice, or used as a cocktail mixer.
Wait, I just noticed another card that says to add lime “which activates the alkaloids of the coca leaf to produce an oxygen buzz.” Heading back to the kitchen right now!

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