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AVERNA Amaro dal 1868

Averna. The word reminds me of taverna. In my mind, there’s group of us lingering over coffee at the end of a long, particularly warm day early spring. We’re in a little town west of Palermo, in a caffe about a block from the ocean. It’s the season for alici, the little fresh anchovy fish […]

Pol Roger twitter tasting

This week, #PalatePress participated in the #Pol Roger twitter tasting. We tasted four: NV Reserve Brut “white foil,’ NV “Pure” Brut (non-dosage), Blanc de Blancs Brut vintage 1999, Brut Rose vintage 2002. (From Frederick Wildman, I should add.) The house style is pretty light and crisp, which is why I was surprised to find that […]

Wine for Chinese Take-Out

Earlier this year, I received 3 bottles of Pacific Rim Riesling. I took a clue from the Asian pictures on the labels, and immediately ordered take-out Chinese food. Which turned out to be the right thing to do. With the Asian spices of one dish and the sweetness of another, the Dry Riesling and the […]

Veuve Clicquot: Ready to Drink after a Short Trip

Veuve Clicquot travels. You knew this from a few years ago when they put out that great little suitcase. But now you’re only going to see friends or relatives for the Holidays. So Veuve Clicquot has 2 new carriers: a designer-patterned pink zip-cover for the Rosé and a tiny refrigerator-shaped case in the same bright […]