Blending malts with a movie

Sipping Wemyss 8-year-old blended malts seemed appropriate while watching a chick-flick on cable. “Made of Honor,” which I had fallen asleep watching on a plane so I wanted to see the end. You know Patrick Dempsey gets the girl in the end, but I thought there would be some clever plot twist that brought it about. Unfortunately not. Frankly, the Scottish guy with the castles and Scotch whisky empire looked much better to me.
Anyhow, Wemyss’ “The Smooth Gentleman” started off the film in a light, pleasant NYC mood and “The Spice King” got peatier and more complex as the scene shifted to Scotland.
It’s too bad so many people have no idea about blended Scotch whiskies and think they must drink only single malts because that’s the fashion. Sort of like trendy single-vineyard wines. Not every wine or every scotch should be “single.”

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