Rare 2000 Sancerre found downstairs

We never get Sancerre more than a few years old, in the course of normal events here.  Yet somehow a bottle of 2000 Sancerre appeared in the forgotten section of my vast cellar (cardboard box) so I brought it up to try last night.  The label also reminds me it is Vieilles Vignes [old vines] and Mis en bouteille par Patient Cottat MG a Verdigny.

Not an expensive wine to begin with, but it held up delightfully.

The cork was very long and a bit wet, indicating there might be spoilage, but a first whiff of wet cork dissipated quickly.  In the glass, the wine was a light tan-yellow. Sweetness in the nose was followed by flavors that had turned from crisp to rounded fruit with some nice citrus, finishing in a hint of sweetness again, but minerality too.  A light-medium body, with medium-long finish.  And very pleasant with summer-fall vegetables and fish.

Anyone else know this wine?

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