testing wine gadgets

With the help of several excellent wines, I’ve been testing fun wine toys: wine enhanchers, an instant wine chiller, and even red wine cleaners.

Having had the red wine version for a while, I love the sound the Vinturi makes when you pour wine through it into your glass.  Vinturi’s new white wine enhancer works if the wine is intended to improve with age, like J’s 2007 Russian River Chardonnay. (It immediately looses some of the pop vanilla, and the flavors start to mature.)

This week, Mike Phillips and his wife gave me a bottle of their 2006 Earthquake Zinfandel.  The Earthquake line is designed to age, so I tested it with the Vinturi for red wine, Philip Stern’s elegant little crystal and glass wand, and the Soiree glass aerating bulb…

Read more in this fall’s Intermezzo Magazine [issue #23]

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