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Blending malts with a movie

Sipping Wemyss 8-year-old blended malts seemed appropriate while watching a chick-flick on cable. “Made of Honor,” which I had fallen asleep watching on a plane so I wanted to see the end. You know Patrick Dempsey gets the girl in the end, but I thought there would be some clever plot twist that brought it […]

Where the heck is Beck?

For the past month or two I’ve been deep in my own version of the sparkling wine world, finishing a draft of a new book on the global history of champagne and sparkling wine. More later…

Double Cross Vodka and Chef Michael Schlow at Via Matta, Boston

Asked to create a pairing menu for the new ultra-premium Double Cross Vodka, Michael Schlow spent a lot of time thinking – and drinking, he says – and came up with a series of flavors that worked in different ways in different courses. The vodka is light and on the pleasantly neutral side with hints […]

American Lighthouse Cookbook

In the throes of my 15 minutes of fame — hoping to stretch it a little longer. For the past few weeks I’ve been doing radio interviews, arranging book signings, etc. for my new cookbook, The American Lighthouse Cookbook. People all over the country are fascinated by lighthouses. And a lighthouse keeper was the ultimate […]