Dessert Wine perfect pairing: Late Harvest Chardonnay

Maybe I dreamed this because when I went to look it up online, I couldn’t find anything.   Here’s the story: I’m wandering around the Kendall-Jackson giftshop/winetasting room in Sonoma last week because it’s 100 degrees outside, too hot to examine the viticulture garden with its 28 varietals on 16 trellising systems.

I notice a medal from the LA 2008 competition hanging on a display and – it’s a dessert wine!  We go to taste and a chef rushes out with the perfect food pairing: carmel corn.  Really.  2006 Late Harvest Chardonnay with hints of honey peach orange apricot, not too sweet, paired against sweet caramel corn with just enough butteriness and a hint of salt.  They told me the recipe and the info on the wine and its award are all online, but I can’t find the info anywhere…

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