Tried CADE

The Plumpjack people’s new winery is called CADE. I tried
their 2007 Sauvingon Blanc recently. Not unexpectedly it’s screwcap,
which is great. The wine itself if somehow light but substantial:
fine notes of sweet grasses in the nose, with more weight than you’d
expect in the body.
Of course, I drank it chilled. We left the bottle out,
though, and when I came back a few hours later, the wine had warmed
and its charm had completely disappeared, alas.
Incidentally, CADE winery, now set to open in winter 2009 on
Howell Mountain in the Napa Valley is LEED certified. Why is CADE
always spelled all-caps? The word is a Shakespearean term for
barrel. Maybe you’re supposed to make the association between LEED
(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and CADE?

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