Three Great Getaway Destinations

Three Getaway Destinations – to do absolutely nothing for a while.
If, like me, you want some time off, without even having to run to a spa appointment.

Room at the Cape Grace Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

CAPE GRACE HOTEL, Cape Town, South Africa
You’re in a quiet, luxe-comfortable room with views of Cape Town harbor. The spa is upstairs. But downstairs is Bascule, an excellent bar featuring more types of whiskey than you ever imagined — at least 400 at any given time. Order one (or two) to sip in your room while contemplating the yachts docked below. Ready to sit down and read, but finished your last book on the plane? They’ve stocked the room with several, in your native language. After reading for a while, when you’re ready to put down the book, you find one more small thing just where you need it: a Cape Grace Hotel bookmark.

The Inn at Little Washington

After an amazing meal, stroll to your room which is through the garden, or just upstairs. Get into your robe and collapse into an armchair. Pick up the book that happens to be lying on the table next to your elbow, and it’s your favorite childhood classic. Later, before turning out the light, pour yourself a taste of port from the bedside bottle they’ve set out for you. Sweet dreams…


It’s late afternoon and you’ve just arrived at your room. Before trotting down to the spa. swimming pool or dinner, maybe there’s time to stretch out on the couch and read a few pages of an escapist novel, or a bit of Napa history from the book you borrowed off the shelf by the wine tasting at check-in. The setting sun slants into your eyes. You close them and realize the air has cooled in end-of-day Northern California. You reach out, and there’s an afghan at your fingertips. You pull it over, sighing contentedly.